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Patient Reviews

Seeing our patients smile is our greatest reward. Below are some inspiring stories from patients about their extraordinary dental experiences at Schope Dental.

I love Dr. Schope and her entire staff. You can tell that every little detail has been well thought out. The staff is friendly, warm and communicate every step of the way. Professionalism and integrity at the highest level without being uptight, clinical and cold. It's a relaxing environment and my smile has never looked better. So happy I found them!

Pamela J.

Dr. Schope and her team are amazing. They are caring and compassionate, and truly concerned about your overall Dentistry health. There has not been a time that I have gone in and haven't left laughing and joking with the staff they are amazing. They make going to the dentist less stressful due to their staff is so personable and professional. They always take the time to ask how you are doing, they remember things that you tell them your going to do and they always follow up with how it went. You will never find another Dentist with as much passion about her work as Dr. Schope.

Brenda J.

Dr. Schope and her staff are professional and yet feel like family! I have been going to Dr. Schope for my families dental needs for almost 20 years and have always been treated like a close friend. My son was born with small teeth, many of which did not even have adult teeth. By the time he was in high school, he did not smile much or like to have his picture taken. Dr. Schope did veneers for his teeth that made all of the difference! He absolutely beamed and wouldn't stop smiling when he left her office!

Patti R.

We love Dr. Schope! We came to Dr. Schope after one of our (then) small children had a bad experience with a different dentist that left him very scared to have dental visits. She and her staff went above and beyond to reassure him of the procedures they were doing and took all the time they needed to work with him so he would feel good about coming back. Fast forward to today, that child is turning 19 this month and is driving himself for his regular check ups with Dr. Schope! Our entire family sees Dr. Schope and we love her and her wonderful staff! Thank you!

Tina R.

I'm an old geezer at 53 and every thing on my body is getting worn out ... except for my teeth!!! That's because I started going to Dr Schope I don't remember how long ago, but a talent of mine is I know a good thing when I see it and this team is the real deal. They created a crown from a square block of plastic using a machine that carved it out from a 3-D image from their camera prior to grinding out the actual crown. Amazing! I've run the gamut of dentists and they're the best!

Tony V.

I have been going to see doctor Schope for about seven years now not only because she is an amazing dentist but because she is also an incredible person. Her ability to deal with people on a daily basis and stay so positive, energetic and professional is something to be desired by all people and patients. Her talent is the best not only in Colorado, but across the nation and I couldn't be more happy with the service she provides. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Schope!!!

Kellie J.

Best Dentist and Staff EVER! My kids and I have been Dr Schope's patients for about 15 years. Fast, friendly, affordable. Very personable, fun group to visit. Dr Schope's office has a strong connection to the community. Caring, kind, happy people ALL THE TIME!!